Every journey starts with a single step.

Hello blogosphere,

So I have long resisted setting up any sort of blog, but I feel that with a new chapter in my life starting that now is as good a time as ever. To be entirely honest I’m not entirely sure why I was so against blogs for so long, I guess they just weren’t my style. I have never really been the kind of person that would want to publish my feelings, thoughts, and random musings for the world to see, but everything changes.

The change that brought all of this about is the beginning of a new journey for me. I recently decided to fully pursue a long time dream of moving to South Korea to teach English. There are a lot of different things that played in to this decision, and it is not one that I took likely. Last May I graduated from James Madison University with a master’s degree in history. Like many of my friends and fellow graduates, I quickly learned just how useless that degree seems to be when looking for a job. I moved down to Florida for a few months but had no luck finding any offers for a job, so I moved back to Michigan in September. I personally had never really considered moving back to Michigan really. While I certainly love my family, and I definitely like to visit Michigan every now and again, it just isn’t for me. No offense meant, it’s just the way it is. I spent the next month and a half thinking about where I really wanted to be and what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I looked for jobs in Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Raleigh, and around Florida. I’ve thought about going into publishing as an editor, working at a museum, becoming a librarian or an archivist, working for military intelligence, or becoming a Brick Specialist for Lego. Nothing really panned out, so I thought long and hard about what my next move might be.

I have finally figured that move out. After a lot of thought, and debate, and anguish, and indecision, I decided to go ahead and move forward with something I’ve dreamt about doing for a long time; I am going to go teach English in South Korea. I first started looking into teaching abroad back when I was in undergrad at university. I had traveled a little bit internationally before then, but not nearly enough for my own tastes. I love western Europe. I was born in Belgium, and spent two amazing summers in southern Italy, which is probably to this day still my favorite place in the whole world. But when it came down to choosing where to go, I decided I wanted to go with a new adventure. In all of my world travels I’ve never been to east Asia, but the culture has always fascinated me. I originally wanted to go to Japan, but after doing a lot of careful research as an undergrad I decided that Korea was a much better option.

So this is the start of that journey. I will be updating this blog all along my path, from getting my visa, to traveling over there, to my adventures over the course of the year. Thus far I am still pretty early on in the process. I have found the recruiting agency that I am going to go through, and even had my first interview with them via Skype last night. They sounded very excited to have me aboard, and helped me out with what all I need to get done for my work visa. So here goes nothing. Korea here I come.

One thought on “Every journey starts with a single step.

  1. Zacccc!! 🙂 Its ur fav co-counselor! I think this is an awesome idea… and a more personal way for people to see inside ur life. Would love to follow the journey that you take so I hope you update this often. — My friend just took the same path that you are taking with Korea and he LOVES it. I think you would be perfect for this and hope that you go very far with it!

    Wish you the best success of course. Miss u dearly. ❤

    Xo Nark Xo

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