New Year, start of a new adventure!

Happy New Year everyone!

While I know that sentiment is a wee bit late, I must confess that I did mean to mint a new post for the blog on New Years Day, but ended up deciding not to bother as I didn’t have any particularly pertinent news that was print worthy. Nevertheless, I hope that everyone had happy holidays and a good start to the new year thus far, and now I finally have the first concrete news about my upcoming move to South Korea!

My FBI background check has finally come through and I am one major step closer to being ready to leave! It only took seven weeks, which is about average from what I understand. Still, it was a bit of a nerve-wracking process waiting all those weeks with no word whether it went through or not. At the very least it is now done, and all I have left is to send it off to the State Department to get the document apostilled. I have decided to send it to a courier service to speed up that process. Apparently if I were to mail it directly to the State Department it would cost me $15 and could take up to three weeks to get it back. With the courier service it will cost $45 but they do overnight service, so I decided the extra expenditure will be well worth the time saved to get me abroad as soon as possible. With any luck I will be ready to apply for my visa as soon as I can decide on a school.

I contacted my recruiting agent this last Tuesday to let him know and the latest update is that I will hopeful be starting sometime around the beginning of March. When I last talked to him before Christmas, I decided to broaden my requirements for a teaching position a bit. The most important thing for me is the age group. When I first decided that I wanted to go to Korea, I had thought that I wanted older middle school to high school aged students, but that has now drastically changed. I told my recruiter that my desired age group is kindergartners, but that I would go as high as elementary aged if the contract was right. That was pretty much my only solid requirement, since I don’t have too big of a preference on my location due to my rather limited knowledge of Korea. I told him that I would like to be around Busan or Incheon, which I picked somewhat arbitrarily after a bit of research, but that I am open to looking at just about anywhere. My recruiter seems pretty enthusiastic about being able to find me a job pretty quickly, so I’m pretty stoked.

All in all, I am still really excited about all this. I think that this is going to be an amazing adventure for me, and hopefully the start of something big in my life. Teaching is something that I have always been interested in doing, and coupling that with traveling abroad seems like the perfect fit for me right now. I am excited about the prospect of teaching abroad, but I really would like to use this trip to try and springboard into a slightly different career path. Writing and photography have been my deepest passions for a long time, and hopefully this trip will further my education in both. My ultimate dream is to spend the next twelve months working on my writing and my photography and eventually becoming a journalist writing travel pieces for newspapers and magazines. For Christmas, and my birthday, and possibly the next Christmas, my parents got me a new camera, a beautiful Canon Powershot G12 to be precise. It is more powerful and has more features than my SLR, and I won’t have to pack all my lenses. It should hopefully turn out to be the perfect camera for traveling around Korea and elsewhere. So hopefully this blog is the just the beginning of much more to come!

So keep your eyes here readers! I will be sure to continue to update this space as I get closer to my move to Korea, and who knows, this could be the start of a new career.


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