A new direction

Time to head down a new path!

As promised, my blog is now heading down a new path! I’ve spent the morning making the new changes to my blog site. A new interface has been put into place that is more effective for a blog primarily concerned with photography. I am slowly adding a couple of new pages to the blog, as well as updating my “About me” section.

My goal from here on out is to publish new photos on here quite regularly. My realistic goal is to upload new photos at least twice a week. I am sincerely hoping that new pictures go up every couple of days or so, but to be safe I figure twice a week is manageable. Each upload will be unique, so some days it may be an entire gallery of new images, and other days it will be a single photo along with some random musings. A lot will depend on how busy I am with teaching and traveling, and what I have on deck to be uploaded.

For the first couple of weeks I will try to bring everyone up to speed on what I’ve been up to over the last several months, as well as hopefully starting some more usual posts and series of photos that will run long into the future. Feedback is always welcome with regard to anything about my site, my photography, or my writing. The more constructive feedback I get the better this blog will become.

Well I hope you all enjoy the new path the blog is taking, and that you will continue on this adventure with me as it unfolds!



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