Catching up

For about twelve months now I have been absolutely horrid on keeping my blog updated. From a combination of being busy, being lazy, and not being particularly interested in writing about the more mundane aspects of my life there really hasn’t been any good activity on here. A couple decent posts aside, I’ve been rather disappointed in the final product of my writing, so I took the easy way out and just didn’t write anything for the blog. The time has come for that all to change!

My first task is to, very briefly, try and get you all caught up on what has been going on in my life in Korea over the past few months since I last posted a blog entry. That is obviously more easily said than done! My plan is to take that fairly slowly over the next week or two, and focus on one aspect of my life in each post. This entry will serve as something of an introduction for all of that.

To begin, I would like to submit to you a list of what I have learned over the first eight months of my stay in Korea. Here it is:

  1. I speak really fast, even for a native English speaker.
  2. Learning Korean is a lot more difficult than I thought.
  3. Learning Korean is difficult mostly because I’m too lazy to really study.
  4. Some weeks I love teaching, other weeks not so much. This probably reflects in my lessons…
  5. Students can be adorable and great one second, but can quickly release the demon within.
  6. I work best with the younger students, goofy faces and pantomiming words and phrases is funny for children of any language.
  7. Korean students are amazed by a great many things about me. To list a few: my arm hair, my ability to move my eyebrows, my beard, when I speak even a single word of Korean, my short hair, my ability to draw cartoon characters, but mostly just my hair.
  8. Koreans can be the friendliest or rudest people in the world depending on their attitude towards waygooks (foreigners).
  9. Gangnam Style was originally cool, and funny, but after three months I want to punch any student that sings it in the throat.
  10. I only get really homesick around holidays or when I miss American food. (Whenever someone mentions Chipotle or Five Guys I almost cry…)
  11. Saving money is hard when you travel and drink all the time.
  12. Writing a blog is more difficult than I imagined.
  13. Most of my problems in Korea are caused by my own laziness, but many times this doesn’t bother me one bit (probably out of apathy/laziness).
  14. Good friends can be found anywhere, as long as you are willing to look.
  15. It is disgustingly hot in Korea during the summer.
  16. No matter how hard I try, I can’t force myself to like kimchi.
  17. Some classes are angels that make my entire work week worth it. Other classes are little demons whose only purpose in life is to torment me for some past sin that I can’t even remember any more.
  18. Going seven months without playing video games was far easier than I imagined, but I still went back to playing them as soon as I got a functioning t.v.
  19. As long as you’re not picky, you can eat really well in Korea for basically nothing.
  20. Though I get frustrated with them sometimes, soccer and photography are my escapes from the world, and they probably always will be.

So there it is, the twenty most important lessons I’ve learned in my first eight months. Not the most profound, but the biggest truths in life aren’t always profound ones! Expect more updates in the near future! I have months of topics to cover!

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