Footie with new friends.

Hello all! Sorry about the long time in between posts but I was rather busy last week. One of the English teachers at my hagwon was unfortunately let go, so I had to pick up a fair amount of her classes. Sad to see her go, but on the bright side I have my very own classroom now. Then on top of the extra lessons, my mum was amazing enough to mail me a copy of NHL 13 for my XBox, which then of course sucked up a fair bit of my free time as I tried to fill the gaping void left by the NHL lockout with computer simulated hockey!

So without further ado, my latest post!

As almost anyone who knows me, or has even had a brief conversation with me, could tell you, I am a bit obsessed with soccer. I played competitively all throughout high school and college, and nothing helps me relieve stress like being out on the soccer pitch. So of course, before I even moved to Korea I began checking into the likelihood of playing a bit of footie in my new place of residence. I knew that Korea had a decent soccer culture, boasting one of the better professional leagues in East Asia and all, but wasn’t sure about the other expats. Not that by any means I would have only played with expats, but it is nice to be able to talk and get together to watch some soccer on the telly as well as play! Thanks to the wonders of social media, I was put in touch with the local expat soccer club on Facebook before I ever even left the States, and the results have been fantastic!

As with many things in my move to Suncheon, I lucked out and happened to fall into a rather good group of soccer players. The local expat team, Gwangsun International F.C., was as welcoming a group of lads as I could hope for. Unfortunately there is not as much eleven a side soccer as I’d prefer, but there is plenty of futsal. Futsal is a version of soccer developed in Brazil where there was a lack of space for full size pitches. So to make use of the little space they had they invented futsal. It is played on a pitch about the same size as a basketball court, with smaller goals and a smaller and slightly heavier ball. Again by total luck, Suncheon happens to have one of the best futsal complexes I’ve yet to play on in Korea!

The local team gets together once a week, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday night, to play a bit of futsal and have a laugh. Usually it isn’t too serious, just having fun and all, unless there’s a tournament at the weekend. On weekends we would travel to futsal and eleven a side tournaments around Korea, and I must admit we did rather grand this year. A tournament win, plenty of second and third place finishes, and a handful of semifinal appearances to boot! More than the wins, I am extremely thankful to have met some wonderful footballers that made my transition to life in Korea all the easier by providing me with the footie I crave and some goods friends as well!

The season is over now that the weather has turned cold, but we still get together to watch soccer matches and share a few drinks. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and another successful season with the excellent lads of Gwansun F.C.!

3 thoughts on “Footie with new friends.

  1. I know you are the soccer expert but, I thought futsal was played indoors? I had a friend who used to play and I remember it all was indoors.

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