New year, new adventures again!


Happy New Years everyone! As usual, sorry for the delay in between posts, but the holidays and a wee bit of homesickness got the better of me for a couple weeks.

The holidays went well enough for me. This was the first time in my life that I wasn’t spending Christmas with my family, which was a bit tough. Skype came to the rescue for me though, and we opened presents together from 6,715 miles apart. I made myself a delicious dinner of duck and rabbit stew, sautéed duck with carrots, and a good bottle of Belgian beer.

But now a new year has started, and with it brings new adventures and challenges for me! Right before the holidays I started negotiating a new contract with my English academy here in Korea. Unfortunately the negotiations did not go as planned for anyone involved, so it looks like my time in Korea is going to be slowly drawing to close. I’m not overly upset about it though, it just gives me a ready excuse to pursue new adventures elsewhere!

After much internal debate, and looking over my various options for teaching abroad, I’ve decided that the next logical step for me is to go get my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification to make looking for work easier. I started researching different programs, and everyone basically points to Cambridge’s CELTA and Trinity College London’s TESOL certificates. The CELTA is the better of the two programs, but it is also more intensive, and really seems to be better suited to people that have been teaching English for a bit. Trinity’s TESOL is right below the CELTA, and seems to be the best option for me. So that’s been decided, I’m going to get my Trinity TESOL this year!

Now comes the decision about where to do this. There are Trinity programs all over the world. There were a number of locations that looked attractive to me. It would be great to do my certification in Bali or Italy! Unfortunately my logical side of my brain kicked in and brought up the fact that the whole point of getting my TEFL certification is to find a job shortly thereafter, and preferably in the same area, or close to the same area, as where my program is so I don’t have to spend a lot of money moving around. With that in mind, and with my burning desire to move to Europe, I think I’ve come to a decision; Prague!

There is an excellent school in Prague where I can get my certification, and there is decent demand in the city for English teachers. It also opens up looking for work in other cities in the Czech Republic, and in other parts of Europe. Europe is where my heart is, and it’s about time my body caught up with that. This is still all a ways off, and it is very much just in the planning stage right now, but it feels right to me. So hopefully at this point next year I will be writing my “New year, new adventures!” post from a nice little coffee shop in the heart of Prague!

And finally, a brief photo essay of how I spent my holidays!

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