My Space Jam…

It has been a little while since I logged on to my blog. There were a couple of stories that I was working on prior to my brief hiatus, and they will get published in time, but I want to use this post for something else. This post is dedicated to the people that inspire me. There are many people that do this. Some of them I know personally, and some are merely admired from afar over space and time. This post is dedicated to the former, to the people that have inspired me and supported me for my entire life.

As much as I tend to forget this fact, I am an extremely fortunate person. There are times that I think that I am the unluckiest person in the world, but that always is just the small stuff. In the things that truly matter I am beyond blessed, and the foremost of those is the people that I have been surrounded by for my entire life. But, like any human, there are times when I tend to forget this fact, which makes it all the more painful when I lose one of those people.

For the last week I have been on a writing hiatus because I lost a man very close to my heart. His name is Darwin. After fighting cancer for several months, he passed away last week. It was heartbreaking for me, but Darwin had lived a long life. He has kids, and grandkids, and great-grandkids. Darwin and his wife Eileen are long-time friends of my grandparents, but over the years they have become quite close to me. This is mostly down to one particular reason, they are two of the kindest, happiest people that I have ever met. Darwin was a truly great man, and he taught me a very important lesson about what that means. Great men aren’t just people who do something great, but rather a truly great man is one who does the little things everyday. Be a gentleman. Be kind to others. Find the best in people. Try and love everyone. Do the small things everyday. That is why he was a great man, he taught me to do the small things, and to always do my best to be happy.

It pained me not to be able to attend his funeral, but I took that time on Saturday to look to the people that inspire me. To my mom, who taught me from a very young age to dream, and to never stop chasing those dreams. She taught me that creativity is important. To my father, who taught me to work hard and never give up. To my sister, who is a cancer researcher and inspires me everyday to be my best and to do good. My uncle Dave, who inspired in me a passion for history. And to H, who taught me so many things in college and grad school, both inside and outside of the classroom. And this is just a small sample, of the people that push me to be a great man like Darwin was.

I urge you all to search YouTube for a boy named “Kid President.” It’s goofy and it’s hokey, but his message really does ring true. What will you do to make the world more awesome? I leave you with a quote from his “Pep Talk” video.

“What if Michael Jordan had quit when he didn’t make his high school basketball team? Then he wouldn’t have made Space Jam, and I love Space Jam. What will be your Space Jam?”

What will be your Space Jam people? What will you do to be great? What will you do to make this world more awesome for everyone?

Right now, this is my Space Jam:

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