Site update!

Hello all! I am proud to announce that changes are once again on the way for the ExpatZac blog! In an effort to find the best format for displaying both writing and images I have been toying with several ideas of how to better integrate both into my site. As is usually the case, the simplest answer is usually the best one!

From here on out the blog will be semi-separated into two parts; articles and galleries. This will work exactly as it sounds. Articles will focus on showcasing writing, while galleries will of course be for images. But these two are not mutually exclusive! Articles will definitely include images, but far fewer than before, and hopefully far better integrated with the text. Galleries will each have a brief summary of that series of images’ focus. Many times articles and galleries will be released in conjunction with each other. Most of my articles will have corresponding galleries, to which I will post links at the end of the article. I will also be creating individual pages dedicated to articles and galleries, so that you can peruse your preference without having to work your way through all of the posts!

All of the changes will be full integrated into within the next day or so. My first official gallery will be posted shortly thereafter, with articles coming as soon as I finish the writing.

Hopefully these changes will lead to a better browsing experience on ExpatZac. Until then, happy adventures everyone!

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