The Seoraksan Grand Slam

At the beginning of March, South Korea celebrated their Independence Day, and I decided to take the three day weekend to do a bit of traveling.  By chance, that weekend Adventure Korea, was hosting a three day hike of the Seoraksan mountain range. in Gangwon province.  Out of the group of twenty-five, three of us completed the “Seoraksan Grand Slam,” the three hardest hiking courses.  After nearly twenty-five kilometers of hiking up and down some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen in Korea, I was simultaneously satisfied, relaxed, and dead tired!

3 thoughts on “The Seoraksan Grand Slam

    1. Do you know how the weather has been recently? I’ve been out of country on holiday for a bit now so I don’t know what the weather’s done since I left. I would imagine most of the snow should be fairly well gone at this point. When I was there only the main peak, Daecheongbong, had a lot of snow cover on it. It should be fine now.

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