Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

From AboveBy far, one of my favorite things on Earth is a good cup of coffee, which can be a bit problematic in South Korea at times. To be fair, Korea has more than its fair share of coffee shops and little cafés. To be honest, they all tend to be pretty similar in quality.  I am by no means a coffee snob.  A terrible cup of coffee can still do the trick sometimes, but given the choice I would prefer a good cup of coffee over a bad one any day.  In a pinch Korean coffee shops definitely do the trick.  Their espresso is not bad, in some cases it is even quite good, but it is rarely great.  And if you are a fan of drip coffee than you are better off moving to a different country.  It quite simply doesn’t exist here.

In light of that information, I have slowly collected/brought from America my own collection of coffee tools.  Now, the best part of my day is making my morning cup of coffee, be it espresso or drip.  There is a certain combination of relaxation and hopefulness in slowly grinding my own coffee beans, and precisely preparing that perfect cup of joe.

I have wanted to shoot some images of my coffee equipment for some time, and this week’s Photo Challenge provided me an interesting, new perspective from which to approach that.  This shot of my coffee grinder filled with beans anxiously waiting to be turned into the fine powder used to make my morning cup was the best of the bunch.

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