Korean Traditional Five Day Market

When it comes to food shopping, I will take the fresh approach of open air markets to fighting the lines at a supermarket any day.  It is tradition in many of the towns in the South Jeolla province of Korea to hold a traditional farmers market every five days.  Fresh produce is sold by street venders every day, but the market days are special.  Where I live in Gurye, there is an actual market area of town that is solely reserved for these five day markets.  Every day that ends in “3” or “8” this sleepy area on the edge of the village turns into a bustling market.  Perfect for me to handle my grocery shopping!

One thought on “Korean Traditional Five Day Market

  1. So far I’ve envied your experiences. But now, not so much. Dead fish creep me out especially if they still have their eyes and scales. I’ve watched the Food Network and I don’t think I could handle the cuisine. You are much more adventurous than I.

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