Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

One of the best, and worst, experiences for any photographer is having a photo stuck in your mind’s eye without being able to get the shot.  That was certainly the case with these photos.  The idea for them struck me sometime last year, but fate worked against me.  There was a very specific set of conditions that needed to be met to get the shot that I wanted, and unfortunately one thing or another kept me from getting it.  I got sidetracked with other side projects.  I got busy with work and different obligations.  And the shot continued to burn in my mind’s eye without my being able to achieve it.

With this Weekly Photo Challenge I was finally able to exercise that demon.  I spend the better part of a morning and early afternoon sitting in my favorite coffee shop, sipping a cappuccino, and waiting for people to walk by in the rain.  Silently, I snapped photos.  My mind’s eye was pleased.

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